News on the 7 Calls Movement

As we mobilize support for the 7 Calls, we'll post updates on the ways in which communities and individuals are responding to these Calls to Action, and how Mennonite Church Canada is too. If you'd like to share what you're doing to help raise support for the 7 Calls within your circle, congregation, Youth group or social action team, email us at We're happy to post pictures, short stories, video clips, news articles and more. Thanks everyone for the work you are doing! 

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January 1 - Town Hall Dialogues is launched!

Over 600 Mennonites and friends have signed on to the 7 Calls, expressing support for their "spirit and intent." This is amazing! But while all signatories agree that the church must take bold climate action, not all agree with every aspect of the 7 Calls. Some believe that they don't go nearly far enough. Others think that they are too ambitious. And still others have different ideas as to how we should act collectively.


To stoke further dialogue and understanding, we've created a space on this webpage to hear the wisdom and passion of the community. Together, we can sharpen one another's discernment as to what a faithful church response to the climate crisis entails. Click here to check out our "Town Hall Dialogues" page.

Nov. 28 — Grassroots Support for 7 Calls is growing! 

Less than 1 month in to the start of the 7 Calls initiative, and over 500 people have signed on to support the spirit and intent of this urgent call for bold climate action!  Hundreds of Mennonite Church Canada members from across our diverse constituency. Mennonites from around the world — the United States, Colombia, and the Philippines. Indigenous leaders from coast to coast. And amazing environmental organizers, like Bill McKibben (the winner of the Gandhi Peace Award), are cheering on our Mennonite Church to take bold climate action. See our "Who's on Board" page for the growing list of signatories.

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Nov. 12 — Climate Conference ends, disappointing many 

According to the Climate Action Tracker, revised pledges put forth by nation-states at the COP26 gathering will only limit global heating to 2.4 degrees above pre-industrial levels by the end of this century. The results will be catastrophic, especially for poor and vulnerable countries that have contributed the very least to greenhouse gas emissions. For a helpful article reflecting on the outcomes of COP 26, consider the following analysis offered by Carbon Brief.  

COP 26's failings reinforce how vital it is for other sectors of society—like faith communities—to step up and join the struggle that is being led by Indigenous peoples, Youth movements, and activists around the world.


The Sirens are Sounding 

Day 2 of COP26


"The sirens are sounding.

Our planet is telling us something—

and so are people everywhere.

We must listen — we must act —

and we must choose wisely.

Choose ambition.

Choose solidarity.

Choose to safeguard our

future and save humanity."

Nation-states around the world must take drastic action to avert catastrophe and ensure a livable future, says UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. What roles can and should the church play to help protect the world God so loves? The 7 Calls to Action are not enough. But they are an ambitious first start to get us fighting the good fight.

Oct. 31 — 7 Calls is launched!

On the first day of COP 26—the United Nations Climate Conference—we launch the 7 Calls to Climate Action for Mennonite Church Canada. Many have said that COP26 is our "last best chance" for the nation-states of the world to come together and prevent runaway global heating. Time is running out, and they must act with incredible ambition and boldness. But so must every sector of society. And that's why we are calling on Mennonite Church Canada, our beloved faith community, to do its part. We are in a crisis, and we must boldly act to help save what God so loves. We believe we can do it!