7 Calls to Climate Action
or Mennonite Church Canada

"God is calling us to do our part.
We have so much to offer, 'immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine' through Christ, our Lord (Eph. 3:20)."

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The 7 Calls Document 

This good world that God so loves is in a Climate Emergency.

And it is too late not to act.


In 2015, the global community agreed that humanity should limit warming to 1.5 degrees °C. 

We are currently at 1.09 degrees global heating and on track to blow past the 1.5-degree limit in five to 10 years. The results of this will be catastrophic.

Every sector of society has a critical role to play in order to avert ecological collapse.

This includes the church.

We are called to care for creation, defend those most vulnerable, and disarm the powers of destruction...

We call on members of the Mennonite Church Canada Joint Council & Executive Staff Group to embrace the 7 Calls.


“What we do over the next three to four years is going to determine the future of humanity. We are in a very, very desperate situation.”


Sir David King, 
former Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK government


The 7 Calls: Summary


Tell the Truth

Sign On

Your signature will communicate support for the spirit & intent of the 7 Calls;

your desire that Mennonite Church Canada respond with bold urgency to our climate emergency.


If you wish to add your name to the list of people who have signed the 7 Calls document, please do so by filling out the form below.


You do not have to be part of a Mennonite Church Canada congregation to sign on, for we recognize that our church has a public responsibility to seek the well-being of the broader community of creation. 

Children are also welcome to sign at their parents’ discretion. Please include an age for under-18s. It is their future at stake, and we want to give them the option to support a just, livable and hope-filled future as well.


​If you wish, please add a brief statement as to why you want to sign,

and we will add that to the testimonials section. 

Please encourage family, friends, congregation and coworkers, to sign as well.

Thanks for submitting — please encourage others to sign!


Pledge / Pray & Fast / Spread the Word

Additional Support Actions

To marshal support behind the 7 Calls we are asking people to

1) Pledge monies to the creation of a Climate Emergency Mobilization Ministry;

2) Join the hunger fast & pray;


3) Share the 7 Calls through preached word, emails to Mennonite Church Canada,

social media & dinner table conversations.

See below for more info on how you can take these actions. 


Pledge Monies to Help Create the Climate Emergency Mobilization Ministry

We're calling on Mennonite Church Canada to create a full-time Climate Emergency Mobilization office, with a budget to help energize the work. 

Let's help make this happen by pledging monies toward this initiative. If Mennonite Church Canada creates this ministry, then we'll all make good on our pledges, and send our monies in! Imagine the hope and joy it would be to send that cheque or e-transfer!

How to make a pledge:

Send us an email at 7callstoclimateaction@gmail.com with your name, phone number & address, and the amount of money you would like to pledge (we will hold your information in confidence).

We will keep track of the total pledges and post regular updates here (see below). Together, as we link arms and share resources, we might just be able to do this!

Total Pledges to Date:

$22, 700.00

Join the Hunger Fast

From November 1st onwards, a number of us will be  fasting to pray, to do penance, and to apply loving pressure on our beloved denomination. One friend went on a 14-day hunger strike, choosing to go without food until the church responded with substance to the spirit & intent of the 7 Calls. You can learn more about that experiment here. 

  Whether you are able to fast from a meal, or for a full day or two, please join us. Fasting is a powerful weapon that can move hearts.

Why are we fasting & going hungry?

This is an act of prayer, penace, and pressure.


We are praying for God's help.

We are in an overwhelming crisis, and the church is struggling to respond.  We need some miracles to save us.

We abstain from food as an act of penace.

We have personally not done enough to fight this emergency, and our church has not done enough to address this structural crisis. We want to reorient our lives.

And we seek to apply loving pressure to the church, an institution we love and care so deeply about; to move hearts of our leaders and to bring about action. Hungry bodies alongside many signatures might help.

If you choose to fast—thank you! May your heart be lifted by the experience, and your spirit drawn closer to God and the vulnerable. Please share with your church and community why you are going hungry. Take to social media and offer your hope for the church and what the 7 Calls mean to you. 

(Make sure to tag us @7CallstoClimate)

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Tell people that you support the 7 Calls to Climate Action for Mennonite Church Canada.

1. Send a loving email to Mennonite Church Canada's Executive Minister, Doug Klassen, expressing your support for the 7 Calls.  


2. Get your Youth Group and Social Justice Committee to rally support for the 7 Calls. Preach this Climate Emergency Plan in your church  and invite your congregation to sign on! 


3. Go on Twitter & Facebook and share this website with the following hashtags & handle— #7CallstoClimateAction #LoveforCreation #LovefortheChurch @mennochurch. Here's a sample message that you can use (just copy & paste): 

I support the #7CallstoClimateAction!

I'm calling on Mennonite Church Canada to take urgent and ambitious action to help fight the good fight against global warming and climate injustice.

We need all hands on deck. www.7callstoclimateaction.com @mennochurch #LoveforCreation

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Who's on Board?

For a list of all those who have signed on to the 7 Calls, please click the button below.

We would love for you to join our growing list!


"The Mennonite Church embodies a countercultural memory of reform and relearning in its DNA. Ecological justice requires a renewed resolve to witness actively to God's peace by recalling the inspiration for bold action that pleases God." 

Sibonokuhle Ndhlovu-Ncube, Mennonite World Conference Creation Care Task Force
Representative for Africa


“The situation when the people of God has no capacity to generate a future is the situation to which God’s promise speaks.”

John Goldingay, Hebrew Bible scholar

“Future generations will never forgive us if we miss the opportunity to protect our common home.” 

World Religious Leaders & Scientists Make Pre-COP 26 Appeal (Oct. 2021)